Society and control

How much does society control how we behave?
How much does tradition control contemporary society?
How long does it take to overturn traditional concepts?

These are questions that have recently been at the forefront of my mind. I think of big shifts like women’s rights and racial equality. I think of little thing like imperial units and black cats crossing your path. I think of apparently static things like church marriages and men from Mars and women from Venus.

What is true? What is only accepted as true? What is necessary for a shift? How can that shift come about?

For me, big questions are gender stereotyping and lifetime monogamy. I would like my child to break those stereotypes, do what they want and feel comfortable with, rather than being forced down a path of Venus or Mars without them ever knowing they have been pre-programmed to be that way. For me, it’s like being baptized. They have no choice, but suddenly belong to a particular church, whether they believe in it later or not. How do I go about breaking this stereotyping without somehow putting my child in a position where they will be socially ostracized as a weirdo? What about monogamy? Is this a topic with the same connotations as white supremacy? Naturally whites are more intelligent! Naturally non-white skin is a mark of a sinner! …at least it was obvious until the concept was overthrown and shown to be false. Is it really the only right way? Have we been conditioned to think this without being given a choice? I believe it’s conditioning, but I don’t know. Do I wait for the evidence or do I fight now on my convictions or do I go and try to collect the evidence?

So hard… and these choices aren’t even mutually exclusive.


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  1. Fred Esker says:

    I really like it when folks get together and share thoughts. Great blog, keep it up!


    1. polyhydra says:

      Thanks! I have plenty to write about, but I have to always ask myself, “how much is too much to reveal?”


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