The Art of Marriage by Sun Tsu & The Wife by Machiavelli

Review of: What To Do When Your Spouse Cheats

W and I both only skim-read through this book and neither of us was impressed by it at all. It’s basically a book about being an amateur private investigator to gather hard evidence of an affair and to put yourself in a position of power by ensuring public perception of morally superior behaviour, manipulating finances to cover yourself and clearing the legal groundwork before any confrontation.

I personally think that doing this will polarize one specific response out of your partner, depending entirely on what their nature is. I would have personally gone straight for divorce. Immediately.
There is not one word about strengthening the relationship. Nothing about building up good communication. Sod all about enjoying quality time together. The constant theme is about how the cheated are the completely innocent victims who now have every right to do whatever they want because of the situation. The cheater deserves to be backed in to a corner and treated as if they were just pulled in off the street by some socialist secret police. The other woman is just plain evil whose only intent is to steal your husband and money and has no redeeming qualities nor emotions.

This is a serious pile of self-righteous crap that will only lead to rule-by-fear if the relationship continues and I cannot believe the relationship afterwards can really be truly loving. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a divorce where you can get revenge and squeeze out the best terms and conditions out as possible, go ahead. This the perfect book for you.


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