All at once

They say that tragedies happen in threes. Actually, I have no idea who says that, but it’s definitely some people… me if no-one else…
Battling depression, trying to build a relationship over opposing needs, then blind-sided with a diagnosis of a tumor in my spine.
Actually, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Benign, slow-growing and in a relatively easy location to remove. Nevertheless, it is more the combination of everything at the same time that makes it more complicated.
I need to have the operation as soon as possible, but the recovery time is long – so long that I will most likely not be physically capable of being present at the birth or of helping A when she is in most need of help. There are options of course. We have parents who can help. Nurses who can help. But in the end, I must now prepare myself that I will miss possibly the most important event of my whole life. Something that will in all likelihood only ever happen to me once. The birth of my child.
Oh wow… I can feel my heart sinking just writing that down.


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