Bed Space

I think I can conclude that the experiment with autonomy has yielded some results. Back at home, it was impossible to share a bed with W because our bed is too low and getting in and out of it was simply too painful, so I slept alone on the sofa. Despite the continued pain and sleep interruptions due to waking up and needing more painkillers, I slept really well and felt thoroughly refreshed on waking up. This of course put me in a relatively good mood for the rest of the day and I continued to enjoy the time W and I spent together at home.

We’ve talked about it before, but this was the second confirmation of this hypothesis. As in series 4, episode 3 of Coupling, when Patrick says, “I’m trapped under a hairy inquisitive sex octopus …”
I seem to sleep terribly when, “as soon as you turn out the light women start unfolding extra limbs”

So… the question is how to avoid triggering the inner octopus? I mean, it never happened before we lived together, so something about how we sleep together must have changed. On our last holiday together, the twin mattress with with “gap trap” seemed to work very well, but we have a large double mattress already, so we should try other techniques.
If you’re having trouble with your own sex octopus, watch this space for more ideas!


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