I dipped my little toe in to the experience of Burning Man and I love it!

The crowd was so accepting, non-judgemental, open, fun and willing to contribute. There was a massage space, a crafts table, everyone in costume, sword-fighting, juggling lessons, home-cooked food, an awesome band and a little bit of bondage (started by the not-so-innocent fluffy animals tied around the room). With such an eclectic, fun-loving crowd, how could I fail to enjoy myself immensely?

Admittedly, I think I made a good first impression by body-painting myself as the burning man himself, but nevertheless, I feel honored to be called “a real burner”.

So, that’s it. I’m hooked. I’ve got my ticket to Nowhere and I can hardly wait to dive in and fully immerse myself in the experience. Now… what costume(s) should I wear for that … ?


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