Getting Wet

Sexual safety is a big thing. Especially when you’re open about seeing multiple partners. The reasons are obvious and I don’t think I need to go in to them here. Fluid bonding
though is a topic for which polyamorous folk have different opinions on.

I think that fluid bonding is a wonderful thing that vastly increases the pleasure of sex. The textures and wetness I can feel cannot be experienced with a condom on. These textures help to guide me like a map to the most pleasurable spots. Though I can only report this as hearsay, my partners have also told me that they experience more pleasure without a condom.

There are non-barrier methods of preventing accidental pregnancy and if multiple of these are used together, then the chances are reduced even further.
Nevertheless, there is still the sticky problem of STDs. None of us wants to become a breeding ground for disease and to date barriers (most notably the condom) are the best protection available.

So, how do you balance safety with pleasure? Quite simply: Use barriers.
That surely still has to be the golden rule.
Like all rules though, there can be exceptions. For me, I would require a high degree of trust in any partner I would be fluid bonded with. I would also require a high degree of trust in any of their partners that they are fluid bonded with… and so on all the way through the polycule. This high degree of trust through a long chain is probably very unlikely. So it’s only really possible for me if there is no long chain – if there is only a small very tight-knit group where everyone knows each other. There, trust can flourish as something more than wishful thinking.

So I still hold fluid bonding as the highest standard of trust and pleasure. Though I haven’t yet found a polycule that I would entrust my health to, one day I will find one and the pleasures that will be unlocked will be like nothing else.

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