Taking it easy

I’ve always been a fast walker. Trying to keep up with taller, older kids at school and the drive that I have that was once described as, you’re always on a mission.
It’s true. I led a very hectic, but fun life. I always had somewhere to be and the less time I spent going from one thing to another, the better.
I also read somewhere that the only significant factor for the average walking speed of a person is where they live – the more densely populated the area is, the faster they walk.

I only really became aware of this after my operation. If I try to walk fast (at the pace I used to walk), then I limp. The limp is worse the faster I go. So, I’ve learned to go slowly. I walk at the pace my muscles and nerves currently support. Comparatively, it’s really slow, but in the other hand, I’ve noticed that most still walk slower than I do.

What does that mean? Well, I’m trying to keep my current slow pace. Consciously changing the way I walk. I’ve noticed that actually, I’m not that slow. I largely keep up with crowds and feel more relaxed getting to where I need to. My colleagues walk much faster than average.
Perhaps it’s the nature of the industry I’m working in – valuing speed, promoting pressure as a valid way of getting intellectual workers to work faster and more creatively and treating people as man-day resources that like Lego bricks are fully interchangeable no matter who is doing what work. But that’s really a different topic entirely.
Anyway, I think I feel generally more relaxed. Perhaps it’s a somapsychotic effect (I couldn’t find the antonym for psychosomatic, so I just made this word up). I’m talking about how posture changes also affect mental state – the effect employed by power posing.

Certainly as a way of reducing stress in my life, it’s very easy, can be done at any time and with very little effort.


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