I recently read a post about escaping the scarcity mentality. I liked it very much and encourage you to read it.

I find myself for the emotional parts of life very much on the abundance side. Having read around a bit during my depression, I realize that it’s actually a bit more than abundance: It’s a positive feedback loop.
I think that’s why we tend to do improve faster and are also more likely to stick to a fitness plan when we train with a group. The camaraderie of the group gives motivation even when an individual may not be feeling in the best of moods.

My hypothesis is that with mirror neurons, our empathy for others means that we will actually feel happier ourselves. A name given to one aspect of this effect is compersion. I’ve found that abundance-filled relationships are very fulfilling and it’s very easy for those emotions to then spread to other aspects of life as well as spontaneous feelings of joy when a partner is happy.
I like this graphic because I think it’s quite easy to identify your own traits and mannerisms in it:

It’s quite likely that you’ll have traits on both sides of the graphic. I know I certainly do. I know for certain that when I was much younger, I was much more on the scarcity side than I am now. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, the experience I had doing Zen meditation prepared me for recovery from depression. During depression, I was very deep in a scarcity mindset, but later with reflection and introspection I realized the flaws in my thinking. It took a long time of practice after that to turn that knowledge in to feeling. It feels really good and my long-term goal is to go through life in a constant state of love and bliss like a few of the most enlightened Buddhist monks that I’ve met.


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