Back from “Home”

I’m back to my everyday life after the most awesome holiday that I can remember. The first withdrawal symptoms are having to consciously remind myself that I can’t just strip off or change in front of everyone, waking up in the morning to see the ceiling with shadows across it and thinking, “wow, this is a huge tent!”

What I miss the most though is the amount of openness, acceptance and love. There was rarely an occasion that I experienced negativity, even in the harshest of conditions. We could all express ourselves in a myriad of ways without judgement or pressure to conform to anything – not even a non-mainstream clique as in most other subcultures (let’s all be different together).

A part of my heart and soul has been left behind in the desert and for sure I will be returning. Without a doubt I will now be seeking out other burner events and getting my fixes between now and next year.



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