Nowhere – Build

For me, Nowhere was divided in to two distinct parts: Build and Storm.

Arriving at my camp, there was nothing up.
It was time to turn a hardened piece of desert land covered in fine dust in to the Garden of Joy, the biggest and probably most decadent barrio renowned for its long and loud parties.

The Garden ... before it was The Garden

First thing to do: Put up one gazebo, and hide from the Sun while getting to know everyone and drinking champaign. Yes, cold high-quality Italian bubbly out of magnum bottles in the middle of the desert. It was a good indication of what was to come.

The next morning, the first casualties were still lying on the bare mattresses under the gazebo as we began to work under the blazing sun to build the most important part of the camp – the kitchen. It was tough work getting the work surfaces stable and level, but we managed to get fridges, freezers and of course the espresso machine operational. From the next day, we would have cooked meals.
To round the evening off, the same procedure as the first night, but this time with the biggest speakers at Nowhere and a fine DJ. The party went on until sunrise… and what a beautiful sunrise it was too.

I almost forgot to mention just how gorgeous the stars are at night. In the middle of nowhere, before the camps got their lights running, the sky was unpolluted and the stars were clearly visible – so much so that even the band of the Milky Way was clear. It’s a pity that I didn’t have a good camera with me to capture that sight for you.

The next couple of days followed the same routine, first building up the chill-out zone and DJ booth, then the private room and dance floor bedecked with shade.

The whole time it was obvious just how much love and acceptance was flowing around. We all had different ideas of how we wanted to express ourselves – some loud and boisterous, some quiet and softly spoken; some nude, some in elaborate costumes; some with multiple new partners at the same time, some faithful to a loved one not present – yet somehow without cliques building up, without speaking badly behind others backs, without judgement of whatever form of expression another chose.

The sign at the gate was right… “Welcome home” …a home I never knew I had.


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