Nowhere – Storm

Nowhere looked completely different once all the camps had been built up. Suddenly, there were lights everywhere and the stars had to fight a pocket of light pollution. Different styles of music blared out from each camp. Art projects came to life, dotted around the area. People wandered around, seemingly of all possible nationalities.

One of my favorite was the magic mushroom. A structure higher than a human, shaped of course like a mushroom. A control panel had various unmarked knobs that changed the colors, patterns and speed of the lights on it. In addition to that there was a box of refractive glasses next to it that enhanced the psychedelic effect even further. My first time playing with it, I had a crowed gathered around me, staring at it intently. I found a wonderful setting that caused it to flash and pulse manically and in unison, the crowd around me gasped, “woooaaahhhh….”


A very popular camp was the Wonderdome, based on the Thunderdome. Two could enter and strap themselves in bungees and bounce around, attacking each other with foam weapons. Despite the foam, you could tell who had taken part from the bruises.

I missed many workshops, but managed to learn some basic Thai massage and improvised contact dancing. The masters of which moved with such fluidity and grace, their bodies in constant contact and unison.

We even had an opening parade with a distinctly pirate-y theme. At the gate to Nowhere, people discarded their mundane clothes, joining the pirates and mermaids as they toured the camps, finally ending up with an impressive display of fire spinning. The display was just cut short before I could breathe some fire by a large and very ominous black cloud that had been slowly creeping up on us for the last couple of hours. Suddenly, it hit. Strong gusts of wind tore at the camps, lightning flashed through the sky and rain lashed down.
People raced back to their camps to take shelter or help secure everything.
Back at the Garden, the flimsy gazebos were in serious danger of being torn away, despite the extra guy lines. Gardeners were holding on to the legs of the gazebos, providing just enough support and weight to keep the camp from being torn asunder.
Through the raging chaos, I hear a shout of, “the Garden never fucking stops!”
Soon taken up by others, the generator was brought online. Lights went on. The DJ started laying on the tunes and further shouts came from the kitchen of, “pulpo!” as sauteed octopus, escargoes, raw marinated tuna steaks and fresh oysters were served.
The mood went on in a high that is hard to describe. We ate, drank and danced through the raging storm. While petite women hung on to the corners of the private room gazebo, barely adding enough weight to it to keep it on the ground, a couple turned up the heat of the moment and used them as upright supports to lean against during their wild copulation.
Decadence? For sure.
Fun? Definitely.
Insane? Possibly.
Whatever it was…
The Garden never fucking stops!

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