Nowhere – Love

The atmosphere at Nowhere and especially at the Garden was very open. It was very easy there to express feelings of love and attraction – both sexual and platonic without the usual fear of social rejection. I mean here not a “no”, but that feeling of reduced social value, failure, shame or foolishness that normally accompanies it.


I think there are several reasons for it.
Firstly, it wasn’t the goal to “score”, unlike when an approach is normally made at a bar. Without that single-outcome goal, it wasn’t really possible to “fail.”
Secondly, the people were very accepting and non-judgmental of expressions of emotion. Compliments were taken as compliments. Rejections given without ridicule or a rejection of the person – just a rejection of the specific proposition. So there was nothing to feel ashamed or foolish about.

It was a Utopian environment for me.
I formed firstly a close bond with a lovely and very flirtatious girl. It was a very liberating experience to be able to be so openly sexual with someone while at the same time knowing that it’s safe and no expectations hung in the air about doing anything more.
I also formed a close bond with another as she was going through a hard time with her poly/mono relationship. I’m glad that my experiences could help her resolve her issues quicker and hopefully with less pain than otherwise stumbling through without any support.
Then I met a wonderful woman with a rapier-like wit, an adventurous free spirit, an angelic singing voice and an amazingly lithe and coordinated dancer. There was immediate electricity and chemistry between us… is it possible to have an electrochemical attraction to someone? If so, this was it.
Later, another amazing woman who radiated beauty and connected with me about health and fitness that no-one else has done before. She brought out the gentle, romantic side in me and I savored the tenderness and care between us.

So much love, flowing free and unhindered. If there is so much love to be found Nowhere, then there is surely much more to be found everywhere.


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