The feeling of freedom is a very liberating one. I haven’t yet even moved in to my new place, but just the very act of preparing things, ordering furniture and changing delivery addresses gives me a big boost. I feel like there is a fresher smell to the air, as if the space surrounding my body is bigger.

What is happening? Nothing has actually changed in my living arrangements. My life is much more stressful thanks to the extra things that I have to organize and the much larger financial burden. Yet, I feel much better.

I think that this is a very clear example that happiness is personal and internal. It is only my view on a worse state and my anticipation for a future state that has changed my current happiness. My own expectations have changed. It is me who is the creator of my own happiness, not some external force.

Nevertheless, I’m not recommending staying in an unhealthy environment or relationship just to prove that you can be happy despite external influences. Although happiness is a product of our own internal expectations and views, we are also not islands isolated from the world outside our minds. Each of us has a different mind in a different state. Even our own minds change with every passing second.

I look forward to becoming more compassionate, but for now I do not find happiness in my current situation and the environment is not conducive for me to practice meditation regularly. This will change with the new environment and will help me build myself in to a stronger person.


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