Moving out at short notice to a place that is unrenovated brings an entirely new view to necessities. It’s taught me that I need much less than I had before to live luxuriously and much less than that to live in “mere” comfort.
I mean that semi-sarcastically because what most would consider bare and unacceptable living conditions are already a luxury to most of the world’s population.
I have no hot water, no toilet seat, no fridge, no hobs, no oven and no mirror. But I do have fresh drinking water on tap, a flush toilet, supermarkets, restaurants, take-aways and bars nearby. I even have mobile Internet and access to a communal laundry room.
What I miss the most is definitely the luxury of hot water. I haven’t yet brought myself to have a full shower in bitterly cold water.
First things to buy were cleaning materials, a fridge and a hob. With that, I can keep clean and cook. My camping mat and sleeping bag are enough to sleep comfortably, though I think the next purchase will be a fold-away bed and a mini wardrobe. With that, it will be quite minimal for western European standards, but comfortable.

We’ll have to see how minimal I can keep it. I don’t want to end up again with piles of stuff that I do not use.

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  1. Gul says:

    I have been living in London for 9 years and it surprises me that poverty = not having latest iphone.. I have met so many people with loads of money but still ‘poor’.. Well done and I am sure this will only get better … xxx


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