That was a horrible experience.

I was just at a government büro so that they can determine how much I have to pay next year for the nursery.

How much do you earn?
One thousand eight hundred.
How much are you giving your wife to live?
One thousand.
Only? We all know how expensive it is to live here.
She also gets all the benefits.
*whips out calculator* One thousand seven hundred. That’s all right then.

Erm… why is it that one thousand is too little for her and eight hundred for me doesn’t even warrant a bat of an eyelid?

I feel completely disposable, like the only thing that matters about me is how much money I provide.


That was a very emotional and impulsive post. Not like my normal self at all.
I was very charged with negative energy after an immediately preceding fight with my wife.

In retrospect though, the thought remains: Is it such that our society and even our legal system still sees married men as the breadwinners and married women as housewives?

I’d hoped that we’d long since moved on from that, but perhaps there is still a lot of work to do here.

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