Feelings and Actions

I am not a telepathic empath. To my knowledge, no-one is or ever was. For this reason, although your feelings and emotions are completely real and valid to you, they are for all purposes irrelevant to myself or anyone else. How then, do I sense and react to you? I can only through your actions – how you behave, how you treat me and how you treat others. Only through this secondary medium can I get any appreciation at all of who you are.

Your beliefs don't make you a better person. Your behavior does.

This is both a boon and a bane. It is a boon to those who feel prejudice, bias, hate and revulsion but who understand these feelings are not appropriate and consiously try to change themselves by acting non-judgementally, inclusively, peacefully and understandingly. It is a bane to those who feel generosity, compassion, love and acceptance but who choose instead to act greedily, selfishly, hatefully and to reject others. Everyone who is open and honest acts as they feel.
This is actually a very good thing. For most people, it is very difficult to act differently to how they feel, but it does allow someone with a negative past, upbringing or natural inclination to consciously behave better than they otherwise would.

Meditation altering the mind.

Further, we as homo sapiens (thinking man) have the ability to consciously change our thought patterns and thus purposefully alter our own emotional baseline. That for me is the main purpose of meditation and practicing compassion. I know that deep down, I am actually a very prejudiced person. I have strong reactions and am very judgemental. It’s been proven with implicit-association tests[1] testing various different prejudices[2]. It’s good that I know this. With this knowledge, I am able to accept how I feel, understand that these feelings do not match reality and to change the pattern of reaction[3] so that day after day, I can become better than I was before.

Understanding stereotypes for cognitive design.

My challenge to you: Whatever you discover about your own thought patterns – positive or negative – accept them and use those insights to train your mind.

Be the change that you want to see in the world.

[1] Wikipedia. “Implicit-Association Test”. Retrieved 08 March 2015
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[3] Rebecca Gladding M.D. (22 May 2003) Psychology Today. “This Is Your Brain on Meditation”. Retrieved 08 March 2015


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