Poly Gatherings

I have been very lucky in the last couple of weeks to be part of two wonderful polyamory events:

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At the closing round of the second, one person related their experience of the event:

When I was a teenager, I wanted to live, love and be loved.
Never in my dreams did I imagine it could be this good.

Wow. Just wow.
As a child, I wanted many things: A career as a pilot, a high income, a luxurious house…
All of these things external. I did not give thought to simply “being happy.”
I thought like many people that having these things would automatically bring happiness. I thought like many people that possessing status, wealth would automatically bring me happiness.

I’ve lived, lost and learned. I feel that it was only through losing so much that I really began to appreciate the little things. The things that are not possessions or acquisitions. Things that can not be bought or sold. Experiences, friendships, love, knowledge, wisdom, personal growth.

I’ve learned to appreciate and value these very ephemeral and immaterial things far more. At the same time I’ve learned that loss is not a step backwards, but rather a step forwards in an unexpected direction.

Loss is not a step backwards, but rather a step forwards in an unexpected direction.

I did not have the prescience to aim for happiness when I was younger. I was mostly happy, but I did not realize that it is not automatic and if I continued to walk another path, I would lose it.

Thankfully, I’ve had some wonderful people around me during the hardest times of my life and they have me support, encouragement and pointed out several paths that I knew existed, but that in the distortion of that dark mindset, I could not see for myself. With their help, I selected a path that is true to myself, open to the world and honoring my principles.

I agree completely with the sentiment. I have only been explicitly building towards love and happiness for about two years. I never imagined just how awesome my life has already become. I am on the edge of my seat to see how much more awesome it will yet become.


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