Glossary of Terms

The most comprehensive glossary of terms related to polyamory that I know of. It even contains a term that I came up with (though I have no idea if I was the first): monoamory.

Polyamory in the News

Constantly updated with all the latest polyamory happenings in the media, by a guy who is also called Alan.

Polyamory Weekly


A great weekly (surprise, surprise!) podcast about responsible non-monogamy from a kink-friendly, pansexual point of view.

Solo Polyamory Facebook Group


For those of you on facebook, I co-moderate this group and recommend it as probably the best group on facebook about polyamory.

Beziehungsanarchie Facebook Group


I also co-moderate this German-language facebook group on relationship anarchy.

More Than Two


An excellent website for general information about polyamory. Check out the book of the same name – a great resource on ethical relationships (recommended also for monoamorous people).



An excellent blog around solo polyamory and one that helped me find my style of structuring my relationships.


Another excellent solo polyamory blog that I followed at the same time as polysingleish while I was developing my style of polyamory.

The short instructional manifesto for relationship anarchy

Taken from Andie Nordgren’s blog, this is another pivotal resource for me in my own personal development.

Buddhist Boot Camp


I’m not Buddhist, but then again despite the title, neither really is this. A blog and also a recommended book. A no-nonsense, non-religious approach to mindfulness. Helped guide me through difficult times and continues to guide me in mindful relationship practices today.

Greater Good Science Center


A nice website dedicated to your own happiness as well as supporting the happiness of those around you, including having happy relationships. They also offer free online courses on happiness. The Center is part of the University of Berkeley and what they teach is backed up by decades of real psychological research – not based on woo, as many happiness websites are.